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Shubha Malla – Ph.D. MSEC
Hollow silica microspheres for low-cost bioseparation and sample preparation

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Kelly-6648Kelly Braddock – M.S. Biology
Development of a diagnostic test for S. mutans bacteria and protease activity in the oral cavity



Lichen Xiang_1Lichen Xiang – Ph.D. MSEC
Novel biosensor platforms for detection of disease pathogens and protein biomarkers



Aditya Ranjan_2Kshitij Ranjan – Ph.D. Aquatic Resources
Integration of low-cost sample preparation and diagnostic platforms for point-of-care detection of infectious diseases



Ashley Summers_2

Ashley Summers – B.S. Microbiology
Multi-functional nanoparticles for lateral flow immunoassays




Erica - BMES 2015Erica Osta – B.S. Microbiology; SURF Award Recipient and NSF REU Fellow at Duke University 2015-2016
Hollow silica microspheres for density-based separation of CEA tumor biomarker



Elizabeth McIvor – M.S. Biochemistry
Targeting liver cancer with a nucleic acid aptamer

Katie Kendrick_2Katie Kendrick – M.S. Biology
Tissue microarray analysis of a hepatocellular carcinoma specific aptamer



Zhenyuan Lu_2Zhenyuan Lu – M.S. Biology
Integration of a lateral flow GI immunoassay panel with a swab-based sample preparation cartridge



Shalini Madadi – M.S. Biology, May 2015
Development of 2-D and 3-D Paper-based Microfluidic Devices for the Detection of Cryptosproidium and Giardia

Jacqueline Benner – B.S. Microbiology, May 2015; SURF Award Recipient

Michael Tarver – B.S. Microbiology, May 2015; SURF Award Recipient

Amber Douglas – Ph.D. MSEC, December 2014
Microbial Reduction of Graphenol via Extracellular Electron Transfer

Mark Riggs – M.S. Chemistry, December 2014
Targeted Reduction of Gold onto Magnetic Iron Nanoparticles to Generate Dual Function Core-Shell Structures

Melissa Sutton – M.S. Biology, December 2014
Characterization of a Hepatocellular Carcinoma-Specific Aptamer in Cultured Cancer Cell Lines

Casey Finch – B.S. Biology, May 2013
Signal amplification in a diagnostic point-of-care device

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