Research in our lab is highly interdisciplinary in nature, touching upon multiple aspects of applied and basic biology, chemistry, bioengineering, and materials science. The primary research focus is on the development of next-generation, low-cost diagnostic sensors and platforms that can increase access to diagnostic testing to those in need.

Training of future scientists remains a priority in all laboratory activities, with an emphasis placed on entrepreneurship through the Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization (MSEC) doctoral program, in order to stimulate translation of research and assay devices into the clinic or field where they can be of actual benefit.

Current Projects

“Molecular Buoys” – Hollow Silica Microspheres for Buoyancy-Assisted Cell Separation

Point-of-care Diagnostic Test for Viral Gastroenteritis

Liver Cancer-specific Aptamer for Image Contrast and Targeted Drug Delivery

Flexible Graphene-based Biosensor Platform

MRSA Detection and other Hospital Acquired Infections

Previous Projects


DNA-linked Gold Nanoparticle Aggregation Assays for Intestinal Protozoans