BIO4311/5311 – Cancer Biology

BIO4311/5311 provides upper-division science majors and M.S. graduate with a foundation for understanding the complex molecular, biochemical, and cellular processes associated with cancer development, detection, and therapy. Particular emphasis is placed on student-lead discussions and presentations of current research and primary literature. Topics relating to the role of tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes, DNA repair, apoptosis, ECM organization, cell cycle control, growth factors and their receptors, immune function and tumor viruses will be covered. In addition, existing and emerging diagnostic, as well as therapeutic, strategies will be discussed.

After completion of BIO4311/5311, a student should be able to describe the physiological basis for cancer development and provide a rational for current diagnostic and therapeutic approaches used to treat cancer patients.

A student successfully completing Biology 4311/5311 is expected to have an improved ability to think critically, communicate scientific ideas, and make informed decisions about scientific issues.

Cancer Biology Syllabus – Spring 2016